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A Trusted products

 We create value by using high quality materials, with stringent standards, and exceeding our customers’ satisfaction. Our products are made with safety and reliability at hearts.

Our priority is to provide service to customers by emphasizing on quality products, as well as in environmental impact.

Products that brighten up your days

We are also committed to provide benefits that can make your everyday life easier, save space and time, solve a problem, with the solutions we can offer, for you.


Trusted Ingredients benefits the Environment

For us, the most crucial aspect is safety. The safety of our products begins with the raw ingredients that are safe to use and meet international standards.  Whether organic or synthetic, the ingredients have its standard safety value.                                                                                    

Products for Home Gardening 

Products for Household Care

Products for Farming

About Us

We are a company of manufacturing and supplying gardening products.

Our Products: 

> Planting media / Potting mix

> Liquid Fertilizer

> Organic Pest Repellent

> Odour Eliminator

> Pet Blocker

Programs & Activities

Our involvement in promoting our products isn’t limited to Malaysian market only.  We have started to go to international market.


We are currently promoting our products and services for potential oversea partners.


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